”RAGNA GRIFFIN” By Yaschar Hasan

”RAGNA GRIFFIN” By Yaschar Hasan

Hi, I’m Yaschar Hasan – aka Yak Edge.

Let’s start with the basics. I am 25 and from Germany. My Master’s degree I did in Corporate Communications, and my Bachelor’s degree in psychology, economics and IT for one thing. I am also a frequent traveler, a hobby fencer and an artist – be it via pencil or photoshop.

Psycho thrillers, urban fantasy, JRPGs, Drum ‘n’ Bass – this is just a small list of the stuff, I like.

But more than anything, I am a writer. Storytelling is my true passion and here on this

website, I will do what I love the most: writing. Creativity; adaptability; the drive to continue a path till its end and be willing to broaden one’s horizons on the way each and every day. If there are attributes I would put value in – besides not being a jackass, of course – these would be it.

So what do I write about? Mainly my web series Ragna. If you want to dive head-first in, then this link will lead you to the first chapter.

Ragna is a psychological science fantasy thriller set in the fictional world of Aes. Yeah, try to say that five times in a row. But besides that, what does that mean?

The story follows the story of the eponymous Ragna – a young soldier on the run from the country she swore to protect, while she tries to reclaim the happiness that was taken from her. Despite there being a large focus on the exploration of the future fantasy world that is Aes, the bigger focus will be on the exploration of the minds and psychology of Ragna, her allies and enemies. The journey will be mental as much as it will physical, if not more so. This story will not shy away from showing the depths and darker aspects of the human mind.

If you are up for some less fictional writing, I also have a blog. Are you interested in philosophical musings about human nature and psychology? Then my blog may be something for you. Occasionally I will write about these topics.

Anyway. That’s it about me. I hope you enjoy your time here and if you still want to learn more about me, then follow me on Twitter and Instagram.

Here is the novel, chapter by chapter

Chapter 01 – Ragna Griffin

Yaschar Hasan

Ana Teresa Delgado de Marin

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