Best Kids Model of the Universe. Online edition 2020

Best Kids Model of the Universe. Online edition 2020

Yarelys Models Agency is pleased to present the faces of kids and youth models from: Brazil, Chile, Peru, Malta, Romania and Venezuela, who will shine in international modeling.

They are the fourteen participants of the 2020 online edition of the Best Kids Model of the Universe Pageant held in Milan, Italy; this time, due to the pandemic, he is organizing online.

Brazil: Lucia Muñoz, 8 years old

Chile: Valeshka Amaral, 8 years old

Peru: Carla López, 5 years old

Malta: Kenzie Frendo, 4 years old



Arianna Grama, 3 years old

Nikolas Ghiorghiu, 7 years old

Anastasia Montini, 7 years old

Antonia Chisoceanu, 7 years old

Sara Bardu, 8 years old

Anya Draghici, 11 years old

Denisa Prichici, 11 years old

Sabina Tomulescu, 13 years old



Angie Tovar, 12 years old


Daliana Osso, 13 years old


The contest will be running on Facebook and Instagram: @BestKidsModelOfTheUniverse, for approximately a month and a half, with online voting and an international jury.


One main winner with Euro in cash.

Marketing, International Promotion, Advertising, Magazine and Press.

Real followers on Instagram, generated by international promotion and advertising.

Online Certificate.

Others special awards for the participants.

The winner and all participants will be part of our international talents and we are will promote to all.

This online contest is sponsored by: Sitara Magazine, Sur Oeste Magazine, Golden Catwalk Magazine, Yarelys Models Agency, and Fundación Pedro Delgado Oráa.


Producer: @YarelysModels



Ana Teresa Delgado de Marin

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