Satomi Akizuki continues to triumph

Satomi Akizuki continues to triumph

Best Top Model of the Universe 2018 – 2019

Winner in Milan

Tell me about your studies.

I am currently playing the “Koto” which is a Traditional Japanese instrument that have similarities to the harp, and it produces incredibly beautiful sound that attracts me since I was young. I played not only Traditional Japanese music but also arranged western music and collaborated with musicians who plays electronic instruments.

Through my activities, I sincerely wish that people around the world will be able to enjoy and gain more knowledge about Traditional Japanese music.

Tell me about your hobbies.

I love “Kabuki” which is also known as a Japanese traditional theatre.

During my free time, I would head down to “Kabuki-za” which is located in Tokyo to watch the opera plays , and I enjoy watching it due to storyline, music, and costumes.

What are you future planning?

I would like to contribute to the knowledge, development, and inheritance of traditional Japanese culture. I want to introduce to people around the world on how to enjoy Traditional Japanese music. As a “Koto” musician, I want everyone to know how beautiful the “Kimono” is that attracts people around the world as Kimono model. I would like to help people from all over the world to understand the fascinating Japanese culture.

What do you like the most about the contest?

I like to get a lot of inspiration from contestant from many countries. Contest give me the opportunities broaden my sight and also to improve myself.

How did you experience about the contest?

I realized that many people supported me including my family, friends, and Teachers who taught me all about modelling. I would like to thank those people. I was able to gain more knowledge and appreciate every countries and at the same time appreciating Japan and to take pride in my own country even more by participating in the contest as a representative of Japan.

How has the pandemic affected your family and city?

There were days I could not meet my family due to Covid-19. As currently I am living in Tokyo and my family is living in the Toyama prefecture which is a 2 hours train ride from Central Tokyo.

What is the best thing about of your city and your country?

The best thing of Japan is the “Four Seasons”. We are able to enjoy the cherry blossom in spring, fireworks in summer, red leaves in autumn and nonetheless the awesome snow scene in winter. I also enjoy the fashion and food accordingly to the “Four Seasons”.

Your message for the world about the pandemic.

The world is facing an unprecedented situation by Covid-19. I pray for those who passed away, infected from the virus, and families that are facing the difficult situation.

Last but not least, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all the frontline workers especially the medical staffs for their hardworking efforts in this situation.

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